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Top Facts About Best Five Rated- Why Choose Us?

We do not charge money for any of our listings

We are committed to providing honest and unbiased reviews to our users and to promote the spirit of fair competition, we do not charge for listings or take money to list companies to cater to the needs of our users.

We provide listings in cities and towns pan India At Top Five Rated,

we ensure that we not only cover the listings in top cities but also extend our services to all smaller towns and tier two cities to enable our user base to truly experience what we have to offer We believe in representation and work to cover the entire nation.

We create our listings on a basis of handpicked parameters

Our dedicated teams carefully evaluate every business based on our array of 30 parameters ranging from cost efficacy to customer satisfaction. Our team carefully evaluates all the factors before publishing the listings to ensure that our users are always satisfied and to prevent any sort of unfairness or bias.


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