Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are the businesses listed here a part of a paid listing?

    No! The speciality of Top Five Best Rated is that all our listings are Not sponsored and paid for. All listings are personally added as a result of our dedicated team's assessment and solid evolution criteria based on 30 parameters. We are committed to providing 100% honest and unbiased reviews to our users.

  • We ask business owners to submit details to evaluate them based on our criteria and select the top five in each category. Submission increases the pool of candidates that will eventually get listed on our website. Your submission will allow us to evaluate your company and if it is better than the existing list then it will be updated however, if it does not match the parameters, your business will remain as a part of our database.

  • Just like most non-paid features and services on the internet, Top Five Best Rated generates income from ad revenue. We allow advertisers to display advertisements on our page towards our traffic and this enables us to generate the necessary income to perform our services and help you.

  • As Top Five Best Rated is a non paid for rating website, all listings are purely based on a personal evaluation by our team based on several factors including value for money, effectiveness, reputation, customer feedback and so on. This provides our users with the most trustworthy and unbiased listings.

  • We do not visit the establishments every day but rather periodically so that we can frequently update and modify our lists based on changing parameters.

  • At Top Five Best rated, our goal is to enable our users to access the best-rated services and business establishments and we focus specifically on that. We believe by listing harsh or negative reviews, we not only do not create any value addition but might also negatively impact a business that might already have its issues. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of trust and writing berating reviews can hamper this trust and defeats the purpose of our website.

  • Our lists are constantly updated based on changing parameters; however once a business is listed on our website, it typically holds its place for about 3 months before being updated. After a period, your business will be evaluated to accommodate any new entries or changes.

  • No, the position does not mean anything. All businesses listed are equal and we do not follow any sort of ranking system. All the names that are listed are equally good for users to choose from. Our website has a feature which shuffles all listings to prevent a stagnant assumption of ranking This assures our users that we have no ranking.

  • Businesses and their policy constantly evolve and for that reason, Top Five Best rated cannot provide any sort of guarantee that the discounts listed are valid. They are subject to change.

  • A listing like this can truly help boost your business and for that reason, we encourage all business owners to promote this as much as possible on all social media or print marketing geared towards your target audience. Some ways by which you can promote your business include:

    Creating a post and sharing your listing on your social media pages All businesses that are listed will obtain a certificate and trophy which you may display on your website or social media.

    You may also feature your listing on a business wall to attract customers and spread the word.

    You can also include a mention of your ranking on your website to showcase to all customers and potential customers.

  • The different bar values are to display to our users the performance of an establishment under various criteria and how they have performed with regards to our different assessment criteria This enables users to select the business based on their desired or preferred criteria.

  • We do not stand for or promote any business that promotes any form of discrimination For that reason, we do not promote or endorse any business that we are aware of who practice racist, casteist or sexist discrimination. We are committed to creating a fair and honest listing of the best businesses that are available and accessible to all. We have a Zero tolerance policy towards discriminatory businesses.

  • We do not charge money for any of our listings

    We are committed to providing honest and unbiased reviews to our users and to promote the spirit of fair competition, we do not charge for listings or take money to list companies to cater to the needs of our users.

    We provide listings in cities and towns pan India At Top Five Rated, we ensure that we not only cover the listings in top cities but also extend our services to all smaller towns and tier two cities to enable our user base to truly experience what we have to offer We believe in representation and work to cover the entire nation.

    We create our listings on a basis of handpicked parameters

    Our dedicated teams carefully evaluate every business based on our array of 30 parameters ranging from cost efficacy to customer satisfaction. Our team carefully evaluates all the factors before publishing the listings to ensure that our users are always satisfied and to prevent any sort of unfairness or bias.

    Your search is made easy with just the click of a button

    We understand how difficult it can be to get honest and unbiased results to your searches and that is why we at Top Five Best Rated are committed to ensuring our users experience a hassle-free experience.